FR-A Series
Highest Level of Driving Performance
High accuracy / fast response spped operation by the vector control can be general motor without encoder.
Maximun of 200% high torque can be generated at an ultra low speed of 0.3Hz (type 00023 to 00126).
Speed Control Range - 1:200(0.3Hz to 60 Hz driving only).
Speed response - 120rad/s.
Torque Control range - 1:20.
Absolute torque accuracy ±20%.
Torque limit function
Torque limit function is effective to prevent machine from damage (Grinding machine tools etc.) against the sudden torque disturbance.
Input response time reduced
The delay to the input command has been minimized. The response time has been reduced to half as compared to the conventional model. It suitable for cycle-operation applications.
Quick response to fluctuating load
Torque response level to the sudden load fluctuatiopn has been greatly improved as compared to the conventional model. The motor speed variation is minimized to maintain a constant speed. It is suitable for a sawmill machine, etc.