FR-F Series
Simplicity at your Fingertips
Power supply: 3 Phase ~ 380 - 480 Output: 0.75 - 630 KW.
Ideal for pump and fan drives.
Simple configuration and operation with the one-touch Gigital Dial.
Extensive control and data management features, incl. servicing timer.
OEC (Optimoin Excitation Control) Technology for maximum energy savings.
RS - 485 (Modbus RTU) interface in built.
LonWorks, Profibus, CC-link, DeviceNet.
USB Port.
Integrated EMC filter.
Intelligent Function
The inverter stops operation if the output freequency after PID operatin remainds at less tyan the Pr.576 Output interruption detection time. This function can reduce energy consumpyion in the low-eficiency, low-speedrange.
Typical Application
Commericial and industrial ventilation and air extraction systems.
Smoke extraction fans.
ID & FD Fans.
Wall air heating systems.
Heat Pumps Chiller Pumps.
Heating and drying cabinets.
Recirculating air heating systems etc.
Control I/P O/P
Digital I/P - 12 nos.
Digital O/P - 5 nos.
Relay O/P - 2 nos
Anolog I/P - 3 nos.
Anolog O/P - 2 nos.