Processing machines or machine tools
Grinding machines.
Transfer machines.
Loaders / unloaders.
Wood working machines.
Dedicated machines.
Texttile machines
Weaving machines.
Embroidery machines.
Knitting machines.
Winding machines.
Stranding machines.
Paper manufacturing machines.
Food processing machinesd, packing machines or feeders
Pillo packing machines.
filling machines.
lable printing, Lable attaching machines.
Bag manufacturing machines.
Press feeders.
Roll feeders.
Enhancing machine performance
Rerplacement of inverters stepping motors or DC servos.
Replacement from clutch, Machanical structure systems or hydraulic/air cylinderse.
High-resolution Encoder 131072p/rev (17bit)
The inclusion of a high-resolution encoder ensure high pergformance and stabilioty at low speeds.
Motors sizes are the same as previous and wiring is compatible.
High-Performance CPU Incorporated for Improved Response
The application of a high-performance CPU has enhanced response significantly. Sped loop freqnency responce is improved to 550Hz or more.
The MR-J2-Super series are the best choice for use in high-speed positioning appliocation.
Absolute encoder is Standard Equipment
The absolute positioning method, which does not require home position return, can be used by adding a battery to the servo amplifier.the servo motor does not need to be replaced.
SSCNET, high-speed serial bus compatible:B type
A completely synchronized system can be made using SSCNET utilizing high-speed serial communication with cycle times of up to 0.888ms between controller and amplifier.Such a system will provide.high levels of reliability with high levels of performance.
As the SSCNET bus system is used to connect the servo system together, the consolidated management features such as servo amplifier parameter settings and data gathering are all present in the motion controller.
a didicated cable is used fo the SSCNET system that simply connects the amplifiers and controllers. This simple connection method reduces wiring time and also helps to prevent noise (due to the serial data transfer whem using SSCNET.
The command frequency is not limited even when using the high resolution encoders standard on the MELSERVO-J2-Super series product.
SSCNET is a completely synchronized network, so synchronized control and synchronized starting for advanced interpolation etc. Can all be carried out .
An absolute system can be made by simply adding battery to the servo amplifier
Various servomotor models which offer absolute positioning functionality as the standard.
More than 1,000,000 SSCNET amplifier units of this highly reliable network are in use.
High speed With high accuracy via optical communication
Improve system responsiveness, The speed of exchanging data between the controller and the servo amp[lifier has been greatly increased thereby shortening tact time.
Synchronized control and Synchronized starting for advanced interpolation.
Smooth control using high speed serial communication with cycle times up to 0.44ms.
Easy and flexible wiring with optical communication
Capable of long distance wiring (maximum overall distance: up to 50m between stations x number of axes).
educed wiring by issuing the stroke limit signal and the proximity dog signal via the servo amplifier.
Simple connection with dedicated cable, reducing both wiring time and chances of wiring errors.
More than 1,000,000 SSCNET amplifier units of this highly reliable network are in use.
Enhanced reliability
Improved noise resistance with potocal commwnication.