Nexgenie Series PLC

Compact - Expandable - Flexible
Compact Base Unit packed with 14/16 feature rich I/O points.
Base Variant option with DI + AI + HSC Input.
Expandable up to 80 I/O Points with 4 Expansion Modules.
Models with or without Visual Access Window (VAW).
Configurable Analog Input Option
Analog Control is made simple with built-in Configurable Analog Inputs Option.
It supports: - AI (O -10 VDC) / DI (24 VDC)- 4 Inputs and
- HSC (4 HSC OR 1 ABZ Encoder) / DI (24 VDC) - 4 Inputs.
Nexgenie 2000 Plus
Distinctly the plus advantage of Nexgenie 2000 Plus Suitable up to 256 I/O Points defines its remarkable ability, power and intelligence to rev up your machine or process beyond imagination.
Inheriting the DNA characteristics of NEXGEN-2000, this new PLC comes to you with add-on features that make it
More user-friendly, easy to function and maintain, besides looking more elegant and contemporary with its international looks.
Huge application and data memories.