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Water Treatment

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Water Treatment

n the today's world the need of monitoring the water quality of water bodies, water treatment plant and industries is always a big challenge as this task is done by a human which includes a lot of efforts and it includes the use of very costly sensors. This system includes a lot of human efforts, money and time which was not suitable for performing this task. There was a need of a system which can collect data then analyze that data and generate results in real time

Increasing water demand and the deteriorating environment has continuously stressed the requirement for new technology and methods to attain optimized use of resources and desalination management, converting seawater into pure drinking water. In this age, the Internet of Things use allows us to optimize a series of previously complicated processes to perform and required enormous resources. One of these is optimizing the management of water treatment.

  • Lower cost
  • Manageability
  • Enhances Quality
  • Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance
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